New Year Address 2014
Dear colleagues, students and friends,

  As we usher in a new year, we would like to extend our seasonal greetings to our faculty and students, alumni the world over and retirees, and to the leaderships at all levels, the trustees of the university board and the personages in all walks of life who contribute to our undertaking.

  The year 2013 witnessed impressive progress of our undertaking buttressed by our common endeavor. For instance, our comprehensive strength and core competiveness increased steadily due to the deepened educational reforms featuring capacity building; with the implementation of a series of reform and innovation packages regarding degree programs, we optimized our talents development pattern and the quality-building mechanism; our students won remarkable prizes and praises in major events such as the í░Challenge Cupí▒; our faculty competiveness kept rising as scholars of high caliber like Chen Xiaodong (member of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering) and Li Yongfang (member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) joined us; we enhanced and streamlined our province and nation-accredited key disciplines; our scientific research saw a big leap forward, as indicated by the new high in the number of national-level research projects endorsed and the amount of research fund effectuated, the approval of Suzhou Nano-technology Joint Innovation Center led by our university as one of the first beneficiaries of the National Plan 2011, and a series of hallmark research achievements such as the publication of papers on Science; we established more active and extensive substantial cooperation with many world-renowned universities and research institutes as we forged ahead in our internationalization drive; and we made effort to create a safer, more harmonious, energy-efficient and beautiful campus of refined culture. On behalf of the board of trustees and the administration, we would like to thank our faculty and students and friends for their concern, contribution and commitment.

  Looking ahead, we are fully aware that challenges go along with opportunities. It will be, as always, our commitment to the mission of the university as part of the Chinese dream at a time of higher education reform.

  We will continue to devote ourselves to í░nurturing virtue and talentsí▒ and turning ours into a first-rate research university with international visibility. í░The Suda dreamí▒ beckons. The year 2014 will surely see more remarkable achievements for our university as we are united as one in our pursuits.

 Finally, we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!20090828120826852

Wang Zhuojun    Zhu Xiulin

    January 1st, 2014

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