Tiancizhuang Campus

Main Campus (Tiancizhuang Campus)

Address: No.1 Shizi Street, Suzhou

Colleges included: School of Foreign Languages, Kenneth Wang School of Law, C.W. Chu College, School of Nursing,School of Mathematical Sciences, College of Physics, Optoelectronics and Energy,School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Electronic and Information Engineering and School of Continuing Education

First Canteen and Soochow Restaurant (located in the west of main campus, west to Wen Xing Pagoda, and the school supermarket on the second floor)
Second Canteen and Third Canteen (located in the east of main campus, east of the basketball courts)
Faculty Canteen (located in the east of the main campus and east of Chrysanthemum Auditorium)

Features: The main campus is located on the riverside of the moat that surrounds Suzhou. Ganjiang Road is on its north end, Shiquan Street on the south, and Shizi Street to the west. Tiancizhuang, formerly known as Jiangjiaxiang, used to be the villa of a lord during the Five Dynasties. Later in Song Dynasty, the villa was bestowed to a General by the emperor, and thus its name was changed into Tiancizhaung. In the Guangxu Period of Qing Dynasty, missionaries of American Christian Methodist Episcopal Church preached at the place. They painstakingly built up the St. John's Church, Soochow University, Soochow hospitals and other institutes. In the years of Republic of China, when western-style buildings sprung up and celebrities gathered, a number of missionaries, doctors, professors, and scholars have come to live here, bringing to Suzhou many new ideas and rich cultural backgrounds. Tiancizhuang   became the birthplace of modern civilization in Suzhou. After the liberation, western missionaries gradually evacuated and the influence of Christianity gradually faded out. However, because of the existence of Jiangsu Normal College (now known as Soochow University) and Soochow Hospital (now known as Suzhou First People's Hospital), it still has influence on the aspects of cultural, education and medical health in Suzhou. 

East Campus (Cansangdi Campus)

Address: No. 50 Donghuan Road, Suzhou

Colleges included: The School of Business, the School of Physical Education  and  sports, and the School of Overseas Education


The campus has four canteens, which located at the north of the school supermarket.

Features: East Campus is located on the east riverside of the moat, across which is the main campus. The two campuses are connected with the Soochow Bridge. Transportation and life in the east campus is very convenient, where there is a complete student living area as well as dormitories for overseas students. There are also supermarkets, canteens, public bathrooms, barber shops, playgrounds, tennis courts, a library, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and a school hospital conveniently in the east campus.



North Campus (Xiangmenwai Campus)


Address: Suzhou City, No. 178 Gan Jiang East

Canteens: two canteens, one of which is a halal canteen (located at central-east of the campus and east to Engineering Building)

Features: North campus is located east to Xiangmen Bridge, across which is the main campus. It used to be Suzhou Silk Institute and was incorporated into Soochow University later. There is a large area of campus greenery, and ancient buildings. It is a quiet place to have a relaxing walk where you can admire the many rock gardens and ponds.