Dushu Lake Campus

Address: No. 199 Renai Road, SIP

Colleges included: School of Humanity, Phoenix Communication College, School of Social Science, School of Political Science and Public Administration, School of Marxism ,School of Education, School of Arts, School of Music, Gold Mantis School of Architecture ,Tang Wenzhi College, College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, College of Nano Science and Technology, and Medical College, College of Textile and Clothing Engineering.

Canteens: (located at the west of the campus inside the dormitory area)

Features: Dushu Lake Campus was built in 2004, and located at the lakeside of Dushu Lake. It covers a vast area, and all the buildings are newly constructed. Teaching buildings and dormitories are well equipped. Additionally, it is the home of the famous Binglin Library, which has a architecturally-unique style. The environment is pleasant, decorated by many water reed marshes, planks and pavilions. Sometimes, egrets can even be found resting there. Many campuses of other famous universities surround the campus, so it offers a perfect opportunity to have academic communication between institutions.