Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Center

As an institute specially set to handle with the career development, innovation and entrepreneurship education of the undergraduate students of Soochow University, the Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Center serves an organization under the Department of Student Affairs. By integrating career education with the learnings in innovation and entrepreneurship, the university aims to complement the development of one another via this special program.

Led by the administrators, and leaders in the CPC committer of Soochow University, the center is assigned with the following responsibilities in accordance with the general development plans of the university: studying the discipline theories and concrete practices related to career, innovation and entrepreneurship education; managing the development and educational applications of real-world practices, arranging relevant selective courses, honors and credit courses and compulsory courses like the Theories and Practices for the Career Planning of College Students, cultivating more teaching staff for the very education, facilitating the establishment, operation and management of Soochow University Entrepreneurship College (virtual), Soochow University Soft Skill College, Career Planning College, College of Industries; and the Mass Entrepreneurship Space of Students; organizing relevant competitions like the "Internet Plus" National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for College Students, and the National College Students' Career Planning Competition; and other tasks assigned by the superior departments.


Providing group guidance and one-on-one counsels for students on their occupational career plans;

Providing students with guidance on the selection of future career plans (including further education, overseas studies, attending the exams for civil servants or hunting for jobs) ;

Providing students with trainings of the soft skills required in the workplace;

Providing consulting services on the phases of entrepreneurship (including preliminary stage, Angel-investment phase, and growth phase), and program promotion;

Providing spaces for mass entrepreneurship;

Providing assistances for competitions like the "Internet Plus" National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for College Students


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