Development Committee Office

As a window for external liaison, and the bridge connecting the university with all the other sectors of the society, the development committee office, led by the administrators and leaders in the CPC committee of Soochow University, is responsible for all the affairs concerning the liaison and cooperation with the outside world. Under the principles of "facilitating development with one heart and one mind", the office, based on the platforms of the school board, the alumni association, and the education development foundation,positively constructs and betters the platform and system for social cooperation by integrating various kinds of social resources, and facilitates the development of all the relevant causes of the university during the process of expanding services areas and promoting service abilities.


Providing services for the alumni, the school board and all the sectors of society passionate about the education cause of Soochow University. 

Contacting and helping the alumni with the construction and regulation preparation of reginal alumni association, and the organization of relevant activities; 

Maintaining and enhancing the connection and communication between different alumni groups and that between the alumni and the university; 

Receiving donations from all sectors of society, and bettering the management of donation programs 

Contact Information 

Contacts: Cheng Yan
Contact Number: +86 512-65224032