Department of Student Recruitment & Career Development

Led by the CPC committee and the administrators of the university, the Department of Student Recruitment & Career Development makes the recruiting policies of undergraduates and the employment policies of graduates in accordance with relevant national and regional laws and regulations. The department is aimed at improving the recruitment and career prospects of students following the development outlook and objectives of the university and the educational policies of the Communist Party of China.

As for its major responsibilities, the Department of Student Recruitment & Career Development shall develop the recruitment plans of undergraduates, the recruitment rules and regulations for full-time undergraduates, the guidance for special recruitment programs, and the admission of excellent candidates. Meanwhile, it shall also hold various job fairs and career development councils regularly, and facilitate paid internship programs. 


Providing explanations of the recruitment policies of domestic full-time undergraduates, and unveiling the results of admissions;

Providing the employment guidance and services related with dispatch, profile management and transfer of graduates;

Providing students with internship positions and connecting students with the employment market. 

Contact Information
Contacts: Jin Ge
Contact Number: +86-512-67507943