Legal Affairs Office

The office of legal affairs is set to deal with the comprehensive management businesses of legal affairs in the university. 

As a comprehensive coordinating department and a consultancy, the Legal Affairs Office is responsible for the settlement of legal affairs inside the campus or those relevant issues outside the university. Its major tasks can be divided into four parts: 1) to ensure the uniformity and normalization of the rules and regulations issued by the university; 2) to serve as a comprehensive management department specialized for the contracts of the university; 3) to provide the university with legal consultancy services, and coordinate the settlement of legal disputes; 4) to study related laws and regulations, and provide legal advices to the university on important issues and related affairs.

1. Providing legal advices based on the applications of related functional departments and offices, and the actual administration status of the university;
2. Attending related judicial activities and making negotiations and coordination in legal disputes on behalf of the university.

Contact information
Contacts: Shen Wei
Contact number: +86-512-65227273