Student Affairs Office

As a functional department led by the CPC committee and the administrators of Soochow University, the Student Affairs Office is responsible for the management, subsidization and ideological and political education of students, and the team construction of student counselors. Based on "second classroom" activities, the office, by means of managing student affairs, aims to build excellent projects for the settlement of student affairs, expand effective methods to serve students, and provide them with high-quality services beneficial to their growth. Focusing on the construction of learning styles and the overall development of students, the office defines its working principles as integration, coordination, directions and services, and sets its objectives as educating with morality, running with orders, and serving the teachers and students. 


Managing the evaluations for awards and excellence; 

Managing the subsidies, student loans and school fee remission.

Managing and serve students for their part time jobs.

Issuing disciplinary sanctions and managing those rule-breakers.

Managing the recommendations of overseas studies and short-term exchanges in other countries and regions.

Providing directions, management and services for students in "second classroom" activities.

Providing one-stop service to students in the hall of student affairs.

Assisting with the management of the online school evaluation platform.

Managing the appointment, cultivation, development, management and evaluation of the team of instructors.

Contact information
Contacts´╝ÜZhu Chenhua
Contact number: +86- 512-67160513