President's Office

As a comprehensive administrative department supporting the university leaders, teachers, students and other offices and departments, the President's Office is set to organize and coordinate daily administrative affairs in the university, and ensure the successful operation of all the businesses of Soochow University via the effective transition, coordination and communication. Sticking to the working principles of "passion, efficiency, devotion and dedication", the office was assigned with many important tasks, such as the management of official documents, secret"Times New Roman" work, investigations, information, reception, supervision, petition letters, legal affairs, comprehensive coordination and other works assigned by leaders. Blessed by the mechanism of service windows and service awareness, the office, valuing the major works of the university, aims to become a good assistant to the leaders and serve the teachers and students with enthusiasm. 

Helping with the paperwork requiring the stamps of the official seal.
Helping with the service of petition letters 

Contact Information:
Contacts: Chen Yihuan
Contact number:+86-512-65238805
Fax: +86-512-65231918