Department of Science and Technology Research

As a comprehensive functional department, the Department of Science and Technology Research (DSTR) is responsible for related researches, the promotion of innovation ability in science and technology, the research used for national defense and military purposes, and the commercialization of research findings (National University Science Park & Technology Transfer Center). The DSTR consists of five offices, namely, the Office of Technology, the Office of Scientific Researches for Military Use (Office of Military Secrets), the Office of Commercialization of Research Findings (Administrative Center of National University Science Park), the Comprehensive Office, and the "Project 2011" Office. In terms of the purposes of the department, it is defined as bettering the plans for scientific and technological works, consolidating the talent construction in the field, strengthening the organization of research findings, exploring the new modes for community services, promoting collaborative innovation, innovating systems and mechanisms, and boosting the continuous innovation and sustainable development of sciences and technologies with organized scientific activities. As for the principles of the department, it is explained as following the "supreme and outstanding" strategies of the university in the development of science and technology, targeting at the frontier of scientific and technological researches in the world, meeting the requirements of national strategies and regional demands, and sticking to the concepts of "elaborate plans, careful management and wholehearted services".


Supporting the organization, cultivation, application, conclusion and inspection of different projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the National Defense Industry.

Supporting the planning, organization, and application of various awards in science and technology, and dealing with the affairs regarding the outputs, and results registrations.

Supporting the planning organization, and application of various scientific research laboratories, public service platforms and engineering centers, and dealing with the management and inspection affairs of these organizations after being approved.

Supporting the patent applications of the university, the registration of software copyrights, the consultancy, management, and dealing with reviews of intellectual properties about the layout designs of integrated circuits, and the transfer of patents. 


Supporting the operation and management of the Technology Transfer Centers of university, the cooperation with technologies owned by local governments and enterprises, and the preparation of co-built technology development and transfer platforms with enterprises.

Supporting the operation and management of the National University Science Park, the cooperation with local governments and enterprises, and the applications of various scientific and talent programs by the enterprises working on the transfer of research findings.

Supporting the planning, application, investigation, inspection, conclusion and funds management of various collaborative innovation centers in "Project 2011" at different levels.

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