Jian-Ping Lang

Jian-Ping Lang received his Ph.D. degree in 1993 from Nanjing University under the direction of Professor Xin-Quan Xin. During 1995-2001, he joined Prof. Kazuyuki Tatsumi'group at Nagoya University and Prof. Richard H. Holm’group at Harvard University as a post-doctoral fellow working on Mo/Fe/S chemistry related to the FeMoco structure in nitrogenases. In 2001, he returned to Soochow University and was promoted to a full Professor of the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. He was promoted as a Chung Kong Scholar professor by the Ministry of Education of China (2012) and a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) of UK (2014). His research interests cover chemistry and third-order nonlinear optical properties of metal sulfide clusters, design and development of new coordination complex-based catalysts, bioinorganic chemistry related to mimicking metal sites of enzymes and proteins, and so on. He has published more than 370 research papers in the international and domestic journals including J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Chem. Soc. Rev., Coord. Chem. Rev. and obtained 22 Chinese patents. Currently he is working as the dean of the Graduate School of Soochow University. His awards include the Distinguished Young Scholar Fund by the NNSF (2005), and the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (2007), and the Second Prize of Natural Science by Ministry of Education of China (2011). He is a member of International Advisory Board of Dalton Transactions (2010) and an Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports of Nature Publishing Group (2015).