Abiding by the principles of ethical education and the strategies of student-centered learning, Soochow University promotes the cultivation of versatile talents through both general education and multi-disciplinary professional training. The University strives to empower students with innovative spirits as well as excellent learning and thinking abilities. Soochow University also endeavors to follow a "Quaternity Education Mode" by integrating literacy training, horizon broadening, competence developing and knowledge acquiring of students. Through the construction of a research-led teaching system, Soochow University, aimed at nurturing outstanding talents with outstanding qualities, broad visions, comprehensive competences and innovative thoughts, is devoted to optimizing talent cultivation plans in line with different layers and categories, promoting excellent course resources, and boosting teaching quality.


By promoting the strategy of boosting development though talent cultivation, Soochow University highlights the construction of teachers’ professional ethics and teaching skills. Under the principle of "prioritizing teaching ethics, focusing on teaching skills, and emphasizing research", the University devotes priority to building an excellent teaching body with professional ethics, outstanding competence, and proper structures.


In order to consolidate the educational programs, Soochow University has been expanding teaching funds in recent years. With the emphasis on disciplinary constructions and long-term vision in relevant fields, the University has set the development objectives of "retaining scales, optimizing structures, enforcing reforms, promoting integrations, and strengthening qualities", and continuously upgrading the overall level of program constructions by consolidating practical teaching reforms, perfecting practical teaching systems, and valuing the constructions of practical trainings and internships. 


Benefited by the clear reform plans containing both system designs and concrete measures, Soochow University, led by the experimental programs for talent cultivation such as the national pilot colleges of C.W. Chu College and Tang Wenzhi College, as well as various cultivation programs for outstanding talents, further promotes the pilot reforms in the mode of talent cultivation featuring disciplinary integration and the combination of scientific researches and education, and endeavors to improve the overall quality and innovation abilities of students.


Valuing the bettering of academic atmosphere and the inheriting the culture of schooling, the University serves students tactfully and wholeheartedly so as to encourage them to make full use of their independence and facilitate their growth and development with great effort.