College of Textile and Clothing Engineering

The history of College of Textile and Clothing Engineering(CTCE)can be traced back to "private women's sericulture school" built by the famous patriotic gentlemen Mr. Shi Liangcai in 1903, Shanghai. On the basis of original department of silk science, department of dyeing and finishing and silk research institute, it developed into College of Textile and Clothing Engineering. CTCE has won high reputation and awareness at home and abroad due to its profound cultural background.

Discipline strength
CTCE has one Level I discipline doctoral program (Textile Science and Engineering), five Level II doctoral programs and master programs (Textile Engineering, Textile Materials and Design, Textile Chemistry and Dyeing &Finishing Engineering, Fashion Design and Clothing Engineering, Nonwoven Materials and Engineering), a master of Engineering program of Textile Engineering and one post-doctoral research center of Textile Science and Engineering.

Textile Engineering is a national key discipline. The disciplinary competitiveness is top-ranked nationwide of the country. Textile Engineering is also a part of the national characteristic specialty program and has been included in the "Excellent Engineer Training Program" issued by the Ministry of Education.
Textile Science and Engineering is a key primary discipline of Jiangsu Province. Furthermore, Textile Science and Engineering has twice successively been approved as the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions. Textile specialties are the key specialties in Jiangsu province. Textile Engineering is the brand major of Jiangsu province.

Abundant faculties

The existing faculty of CTCE is made up of over 111 staff, including 30 professors, 22 Ph.D. Supervisors, and 30 associate professors. The percentage of full-time teachers with Ph.D. degree is above 82.4%. There is one "Thousand Talents Program" winner and one "Young Thousand Talents Program" winner assigned by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. The College also has two part-time "Thousand Talents Program" winners in CTCE as well as one member of Oversight Group in textile discipline for the State Council's Academic Degree Commission of China, one member of Program for New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education in China, one Provincial Renowned Teacher, 16 members of "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" talents, "Qing Lan" Project, "333" Project, "Six Talent Peaks" Project as well as other provincial talent projects winners in Jiangsu Province, two teams of provincial science and technology innovation.

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