School of Communication

Soochow University, located in Suzhou, the modern city with a long history and known as "the paradise on earth", is one of the national "211 Project" key universities and the provincial key comprehensive university. School of Communication  is the public college jointly built by Soochow University in collaboration with Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV Group, on the basis of integrating relevant advantageous resources of SoochowUniversity and Phoenix Satellite TV Groupin the field of media and new media technology talent training of China.The college makes full use of both the advantageous resources and brand influence of both sides, adheres to a high starting point, the principle of "high standards, application-oriented, international" and the advanced education philosophy as a guide to explore higher education innovation talent cultivation mode, and enhances the soft power of media education in China as the missionto construct the international education base with the characteristic of integrating production and research.

We have a strong faculty and have gradually formed a teaching and research team with highly educatedteachers senior titles and strong scientific research and teaching ability as the backbone. The team has obtained a number of state-level and provincial scientific research achievements and has produced extensive influence in the news communication industry.

As one of the top communication institutes in Jiangsu, we aim to nurture students with both specialized knowledge and wisdom for life. The education experience here is distinguished by a flexible quality-oriented education system. There are general education courses to broaden students' perspectives and develop their ability to face the challenges of contemporary society and the new media. Our faculty offers a wide array of excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Ph.D. Program : media &culture industry, covering three research directions including media and cultural industry studies, media and popular culture studies, new media studies.

AcademicM.A. programs:journalism and communication, drama, film and television;

Professional Master's degree programs:journalismand communication, Publishing(specialized in digital publication);

Undergraduate programs: journalism, advertising (including exhibition disign direction), radio and television, broadcasting and hosting art, network and new media.

Our college has currently more than 1,600 full-time students, including 830 undergraduates, 160 master-level and doctoral students, and more than 800 continuous education students.

Our college has a range of facilities which are essential for students,such as the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center of Jiangsu Province ; Media and Literature Experimental Teaching Center with photography studio, large show studio, recording studio, TV program production studio, newspaper editorial lab, broadcast host language lab, TV camera experiment room, computer graphic design lab, TV appreciation lab, non-linear editing lab, animation game production lab and digital art studio, film and television art studio, network and new media studio, new media lab.


College Address: Suzhou University Dushu Lake Campus Phase Two, Wenjing Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

Contact: Chen Yi

Contact number: 13812785543