C. W. Chu College


C. W. Chu College of Soochow University (hereinafter referred to as the college), named after Dr. Chu Ching-wen, a prominent industrialist and patriot, was founded in June 2011 with the aim of promoting the reform of talent cultivation, ensuring the priority of education, and exploring the new modes of developing high-quality and innovative talents under the circumstances of higher education popularization. The college follows a model that integrates the systems of "boarding schools" in institutions such as Cambridge University and Harvard University as well as the system of "colleges" in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.



The college holds the principle of "prioritizing education, highlighting morality, cultivating individuality for overall development". Under the college spirit of "professionalism, independence and mutual help", the college advocates "reaching perfection with morality, pursuing knowledge with practice".



The college aims at cultivating internationalized, innovative and highly-competent talents with research capacities and humanistic connotations and forming a community that integrates students and teachers from different disciplines.



The college practices tutor system. Resident tutors, disciplinary tutors, assistant tutors, and community tutors work together in the college, providing year-long individualized guidance for the students, helping them develop in a maturer, personalized, and all-round way.



Currently, the college holds around four hundred students, and each of the dormitory room in the college is shared by students from different schools. Each year, some outstanding students will be selected from the eleven schools in Tiancizhuang Campus of Soochow University to join the college and they will have a dual identity: they are both students of their own school and students of the C. W. Chu College. With such a dual role, they will enroll in the courses provided by their own school as well as the extra-curricular activities provided by the C.W.Chu College. To promote students' comprehensive and individualized development, the college encourages the collision of ideas from different disciplines as well as the co-learning experience within the same discipline. 



The college, as a mini-neighborhood community, is located in the northeastern part of the Tiancizhuang Campus of Soochow University with three buildings and a beautiful surrounding. Apart from the students' dormitories, there are also other functional rooms such as seminar rooms, teachers' offices, reading rooms, cafes, piano rooms, painting rooms, gyms, chatting rooms, self-study rooms, entertainment rooms, laundries and kitchens. All these together provide an excellent learning and living environment for the students.



The college builds up a full-scale scholarship system. Students in the college are privileged to win the scholarships and overseas study opportunities offered by the university. It is worth mentioning that over the past years, hundreds of students have successfully applied for the university scientific research projects. In addition, the college gives priority to international communication and cooperation. Many renowned scholars like Prof. Monique from University of Canberra and Prof. Wlodek from Blekinge Institute of Technology have been invited to give lectures. Furthermore, the college starts up second language programmes each semester and establishes long-term exchange with the School of Overseas Education so as to improve students' overall language ability. Presently, 50% of the college students have got a chance to further their study abroad at Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Duke University, the University of Oxford, Cambridge University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Bond University, Nanyang Technological University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and so on.


8.Core Programmes

The college optimizes the superior resources home and abroad to fully implement its core programmes: Science and Liberal Arts Integrating Programme, Career Planning Programme, Leadership Cultivating Programme and Linking Programme. In Science and Liberal Arts Integrating Programme, the college merges recessive education with dominant education and encourages students to develop the ability of interactive learning, mutual inspiration and creative thinking. Besides, the start-up of Jingwen Lectures, Reading Programme and Second Language Programme also contribute to the all-round development of the students. In Career Planning Programme, the college offers project-oriented opportunities for every individual to promote academic innovation. Students are provided with targeted guidance and service concerning course study, graduate study, overseas study, job hunting, career planning and so on. In Leadership Cultivating Programme, through the reformation of students' organizational structure and activity patterns, the college aims at promoting students' ability of self-management, self-service and self-education. Also, the college provides leadership training courses in order to fully explore the potential of the students and enhance their competitiveness.


Address: C.W.Chu College of Soochow University, No.1 Shizi Street, Suzhou, Jiangsu.

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