School of Social Science

School of Social Science is a secondary school in Soochow University. The history of the school can be dated back to the period of Soochow University established in the early 1900s, the major of history of Jiangsu Normal College established in 1953, and the Department of History founded by Professor Chai Degeng, a famous historian, in 1955. In 1995, the Department of History was renamed as School of Social Science.

Currently, the School of Social Science consists of five departments, namely Department of History, Department of Archives and E-government (including archives studies, library science, and information and source management), Department of Sociology and Social Work (including sociology and social work studies), Department of Tourism Administration, and Department of Labor and Social Security, which offer eight undergraduate programs altogether. The School has one Level I Doctoral Program and one postdoctoral research station for Chinese history studies, four Level I master's program in Chinese history, world history, sociology, and publication intelligence and archive administration. The school also offers nine Level II master's programs in modern Chinese history, special history, world history, sociology, ancient Chinese history, archives, intelligence studies, social security, and tourism management, in addition to two professional master's program in disciplinary education (history) and social work. The discipline of Chinese history is a primary key discipline of Jiangsu Province and the discipline of history is the Brand Discipline at the provincial level, while the major of archives is a national featured major. In addition to the majors and disciplines, the School also houses a number of research institutes and centers, such as Wu Culture Research Base – a Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province; Red Cross Movement Research Base of Jiangsu Province and Demography Research Institute of Soochow University (Suzhou Government); the International Research Center of Wu Culture of Soochow University, and Society and Development Research Institute. 

The School now has a faculty of 101 staff, among whom 84 are professional teacher, which 51 members with senior titles (27 full professors and 24 associate professors), accounting for 60.7% of the total. 10 of the teachers are Ph.D advisors and 44 are master's advisors. The School has also recruited a number of experts from both home and abroad as part-time professors.

Address: Phase II, No.199, Renai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park.
Postcode 215123

Contact: Mr. Ma Jinfei
Phone: 0512 65880540