Tang Wenzhi College

In order to promote the plan to develop and educate superb humanists, Soochow University draws experience from the system of college studying in some well-known universities like Cambridge and Harvard, as well as the developing mode in western colleges of arts and science. Therefore, in 2011, Tang Wenzhi College was established, which is called Wen Zhi College for short. Named after famous educationist- Mr. Tang Wenzhi1865--1954, the college sets up new educating mode for study and explores the organic combination between undergraduate education and master education, which embodies basic spirits of modern university system and features including democratic management, respect for academy, benefiting both teachers and students through teaching, self-development and so on, thus to cultivate high-end talents with compound and academic competences in the field of Arts.      

1. New developing plans to cultivate high-end talents in the field of Arts

With the optimal allocation of teaching and scientific research resources, Wen Zhi College designs new plans of cultivating talents and teaching schemes to cultivate compound and academic talents in the field of Arts. The curriculum extends all over literature, history and philosophy. Students need to go back to the original works of Chinese culture and attach importance to study classics. Starting from the tradition, they transform the traditional knowledge with creative thoughts and explain classics from a modern stand. Primary subjects are taught exclusively in one class aside from some general subjects.

Wen Zhi College attaches great importance to students' autonomous learning. Teachers here train students' hands-on abilities to handle problems. Reading, discussion and homework are paid special attention to besides class teaching. Some subjects adopt measures including special reports and topic discussion so that students' autonomy could be enhanced. In the first semester, ten English lessons per week are set up to strengthen English training so as to enable students to develop skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

2. Featured management to construct outstanding platform for growth

Thirty excellent students majoring in literature, history or philosophy from grade 2017 will be selected to enroll in Tang Wenzhi College. After the enrollment, students' statuses will be switched and managed centrally by Tang Wenzhi College. In terms of life, the system of mixed accommodation is implemented to assure students an exclusive and superior living environment. In addition, activity center, reading center, living rooms and other special facilities are available in both male and female dormitories.

In regard to study, Wen Zhi College gets special benefits from school. With one stable classroom for each grade, students have the priority to win scholarships and grants, as well as to join in various projects. Special funds are also set up to support students' academic exchange activities and sponsor some excellent students to study abroad in first-class universities. Tang Wenzhi College also encourages and supports students to attend all kinds of activities such as reading salon, cultural visit, sightseeing, organizations, summer social practices and so on, which enrich the extra-curricular lives of students and broaden their vision of society greatly. Compiled by students, the journal essay of Wen Zhi has become an open field to show students' talents and promote communication between teachers and students. 

3. First-rate faculty to develop efficient learning habits

With the form of joint teaching by professors, Tang Wenzhi College invites first-class professors in literature, history and philosophy to teach students. Teaching and discussion in small classes facilitate the communication between teachers and students. Moreover, many famous professors around the world are engaged to give lectures regularly, such as Professor Zhang Xiaohong of Taiwan University, Professor Olga Lomová of Charlie University in Czech, Professor Rudolf Wagner of Heidelberg University in Germany, Professor Stephen Owen, Li Oufan, Wang Dewei of Harvard University, Professor Carlos Rojas of Duke University, Professor Bai Xianyong of California University, Professor Li Xiaoti of City University in Hong Kong, Professor Ge Zhaoguang of Fudan University, Professor Wang Hui and Professor Liu Dong of Tsinghua University.

Meanwhile, professional and superb teachers with senior titles or doctor's degrees in literature, history and philosophy are hired by Wen Zhi College to be tutors for students. Tutors will have academic communications with their students regularly and give the most direct guidance on their development. One head teacher is distributed for each grade, who has the responsibility to guide students to develop efficient study habits and healthy lifestyles. Tang Wenzhi College is also equipped with full-time counselors, responsible for the ideological and political work and management of students. In this way, the triune team of teachers brings all-round protection to students from academic, life and daily management.

4. The development of talents has achieved initial success.

During five years' reformation and development, Wen Zhi College has cultivated a lot of outstanding talents on academic study. Wang Yulin of grade 2011 won second prize in the short novel group in the Fifth "Global Chinese Youth Literature Prize of New Epoch". Zhang Yuyan of grade 2015 published a novel called A River without Wrist in the journal Zhong Mount. A great many students won prizes in National English Contest for College Student, including Yao Zaixiang of grade 2011, Zhang Rui of grade 2013, Shi Junjia of grade 2014 and so on. Li Jiaming of grade 2013 won first prize in the East China division of the Fifth National Interpretation Contest. In 2016 "FLTRP Cup" National English speech contest, Zhang Yuyan of grade 2015 won first prize in Jiangsu Province and the third prize at the national level. In 2014 and 2015, the Wen Zhi College's research team of summer social practice became one of the top 100 teams of youth team researching in China respectively. The two teams were rated as excellent participation teams in "Researching China" in 2014 and 2016, which showed the strong comprehensive abilities of students from Tang Wenzhi College.  

Among the two groups of students who have graduated, 69.6% of the 2015 graduates choose to pursue further studies, and this proportion of the 2016 graduates increased to be as high as 83.3%.In addition to some universities of985 and 211 project like Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University, Zhongshan University, East China Normal University and Soochow University, some of these students have also been admitted by universities overseas for graduate studies; their majors cover literature, history, philosophy and so on. It is interesting that three 2016 graduates living in B06-224 all entered Zhongshan University. However, they choose three directions respectively, which are literature, history and philosophy.

We sincerely hope that more students who are interested in academic study will join Tang Wenzhi College. The innovative training program, unique management model and strong teaching team will enable you to experience and create a different yet brilliant life.

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