School of Electronic and Information Engineering

The School of Electronic and Information Engineering of Soochow University, located in the Tiancizhuang Campus, was established as Department of Electronic Engineering of the College of Engineering, Soochow University in 1987. With the development of China's electronic information industry, the school has developed and established a cultivation system with bachelor's, master's to doctoral programs. Now, it has become an important base for the cultivation of high-level innovative talents in electronic and information industry in China.

The School has two disciplines, namely Information and Communication Engineering and Electronic Science and Technology; the former has been listed as Jiangsu Provincial Key Major of the 13th Five Years and also has established a center for post-doctoral studies. The school has two doctoral programs in Signal and Information Processing and Biomedical Electronic Information Engineering respectively. It also has two Level 1 master's programs: Information and Communication Engineering and Electronic Science and Technology, covering six master's majors: Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Processing, Microelectronics and Solid Electronics, Circuits and System, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, and Physical Electronics. In addition, it has two engineering master's programs: Electronic and Communication Engineering and  Integrated Circuit Engineering, the former of which has been chosen as an experimental major for "Excellent Engineer Cultivation Program" by The Ministry of Education.

The School of Electronic and Information Engineering has six bachelor's programs, including Electronic Information Engineering, Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Microelectronic Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology and Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System, among which Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering and Microelectronic Science and Technology have been selected as College Key Majors in Jiangsu's 12th Five-year Development Plan. Communication Engineering is the provincial-level featured major and has been selected as "Jiangsu Brand Major", which was also certified by CEEAA in 2016. Microelectronic Science and Technology is the featured major of Soochow University.

The school is equipped with rich resources and a qualified teaching faculty which is rationally structured and filled with vigor and innovation. Prof. Junye Pan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering is the honorary Dean of the school. The school has 111faculty members, including one expert from the "Thousand Talents Program", one expert from the "Young Thousand Talents Program", one "973 Young Scientist", two national "Excellent Young Scientists", one "Jiangsu Excellent Young Scientist", two experts in Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneur Program and one expert in Hundred Talents Program. The school has now 12 Ph.D supervisors, over 30 Master's supervisors, 16 full Professors (5 Distinguished Professors), 51 associate Professors, and 88 full-time teachers, among whom more than 66% have a doctoral degree. In addition, the school has three academicians, seven guest Professors, and more than 10 part-time Professors. Currently, 1258 full-time undergraduates and approximately 500 graduate students are enrolled in the school.

The school has a teaching and experimental building with an area over 20,000 square meters. It has a provincial experimental and teaching demonstration center for electronic engineering and two High-tech Key Laboratories of Suzhou Municipality in the areas of Biomedical Electronic Technology and Radio Frequency and Mircowave-Millimeterwave. The school is in cooperation with No. 214 Research Institute for Jiangsu MEMS Engineering Technology Research Center. The school has nine scientific research institutes and has a strong R&D capacity in the areas ranging from chip design, circuit and system design, to communication networks design and biomedical information processing and etc. The school has a group of professional laboratories in various fields as well.

In order to equip students with the access to the latest professional knowledge, the School of Electronic and Information Engineering has established cooperation with many high-tech enterprises for laboratories and testing centers, and off-campus practice bases with approximately 20 companies both at home and abroad. In May, 2002, with the strong support from Suzhou Municipal Government, the SIP proposed to unify a dozen of international world-famous related enterprises to establish Soochow University IT Enterprise Steering Committee, to create better conditions and environment for the cultivation of talents in electronic information industry. In December, 2011, the school unified Suzhou Institute of Electronics and together established Soochow University EE University-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance with more than 50 famous companies including AMD, Samsung, Commscope, Ecovacs and etc, to explore the new modes and methods in the cultivation of talents. In 2014, it co-established a united training center on campus with Shanghai Ultrawise, introducing industrial projects and engineers to teaching so as to strengthen students' skills.

The school is active in R&D and other scientific practices. In recent years, its staff have undertaken a group of high-level scientific projects including projects from The National Natural Science Fund, Ministry of Science and Technology, international cooperation, 973 Project, 863 Project, and project from the General Equipment Department. Fruitful achievements including patents for invention have been made.
The school attaches great importance to students' R&D capacity, and has been chose to join the Provincial Excellent Engineer Cultivation Program and the major pilot reform program of the university. The school actively explores the new mechanism of joint cultivation with enterprises and organizes students to attend various contests. In recent years, its students have given great performances in contests such as National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, National Software and Information Technology Talents Contest, Jiangsu TI Electronic Design Contest, National English Contest, National Mathematics Contest. Among them, two groups of students won the First Prize in National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest organized by the Ministry of Education. Several classes have been honored as Provincial or National Excellent Class. The school are also active in hosting high-level international and national academic conferences.

In recent years, the school has been in a leading role in terms of both graduation rates and degree-conferral rates for undergraduate and graduate students. Due to the popularity of the majors and the high-level cultivation, the graduated students have been widely welcomed by society and the employment rate and the average salary are also ranked high in the university.   

The school has been recommending students for direct entry to high level educational programs in universities including Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and etc. Every year, more and more students have been admitted to the 985 universities such as Qinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and etc, and some to overseas universities for further education. The School has built up long-term collaborations and relationships with the universities and research institutes in USA, Canada, Australia,South Korea,Singapore, Hongkong, Macau and etc, providing a better platform for further study.

Address: No.1 Shizi Street, Gusu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC. 

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