School of Mathematical Sciences

The history of the School of Mathematical Sciences of Soochow University (SCHOOL) can be traced as far back as to 1929, when the Department of Mathematics of the former Soochow University started to offer B.S. courses in Mathematics (and a student then graduated with B.S. degree in the next year). From 1929, major developments followed in the educational system set up by the former Soochow University. In 1952 the former Soochow University was reformed by merging a few educational institutes, which led to the establishment of the Jiangsu Normal Institute (JNI). In 1982 JNI was renamed as Soochow University. In 2000 the new Suzhou University was formed by merging of SZU and three other institutes. The University then practiced changing the Latin spelling of its name back to the original one, Soochow University (SCU).

With the formation of the new Soochow University , its School of Mathematical Sciences entered a new era. Since then, the School has experienced fast growth, in the breadth, scale and vibrancy of its undergraduate programs, in the depth of its graduate programs, and in the steadily increasing research capacity and reputation of its faculty. As a result of the developments, the School has earned domestic and international recognition. In particular, in the Discipline Evaluation of China Higher Education held by the Ministry of Education in 2012, the School was ranked at number 20 tied with other four among all the schools/departments of mathematics in research universities in China mainland. Since 2015 the School holds the First Class Key Discipline in Mathematics in Jiangsu Province.

The School has currently acquired a faculty of about 130 members (including 20 administrative staff), among whom 31 are full professors and 55 are associate professors with broad research interests in major fields of contemporary pure and applied mathematics as well as statistics.

The School consists of five Departments: The Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, The Department of Information & Computing Sciences, The Department of Mathematical Finance, and The Department of Statistics, and a few associated research institutes.

The School offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, of which the graduate program has about 240 enrolled students, and the undergraduate program has over 800 enrolled students. The School also holds a postdoctoral research platform.

Since 1994 the School has been one of the 19 bases set up for the National Base Program for Undergraduate Training in Mathematics. The School has made persistent efforts to provide mathematical education of the high quality. It conducts excellent, demanding programs of undergraduate studies and provides the students with solid and innovative training. The faculty members have spent time and energy in enhancing the undergraduate teaching. The School also encourages students to participate in the Chinese Mathematics Competitions as well as the Mathematical Contest in Modeling of different levels. Many undergraduate students have achieved proud results and records in these competitions.

As early as in 1990 the mathematical discipline of Soochow University was granted the right to offer Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics. In 2003 it was granted the right to offer Ph.D. degrees in all branches of mathematics, and later in 2011 Ph.D. degree in Statistics. Considerable efforts of teaching along with finance resources have been consistently placed on the postgraduate education. In addition to a variety of advanced mathematical courses, students are strongly encouraged to attend research seminars and colloquiums. The School provides a certain amount of teaching assistantships and research fellowships for the graduate students. Some of them also have the opportunities to visit or study for joint degree in oversea universities from one month to two years owing to the internationalized educational programs of the School and the University.

The School is located in the Jing-Zheng Building in the old campus of the former Soochow University situated in the east part of the old city of Suzhou. It is convenient to be reached through subway system or by Taxi from all the railway stations in Suzhou.

The School calls for applications for positions of Full Professorship, Associate Professorship, Excellent Young Scholar Fellowship (a three plus three year tenure-track appointment) and the three year Tenure Track Postdoctoral Fellowship. Applications in all main areas of pure and applied mathematics, including statistics, will be considered. The applicant who is interested in applying for a position mentioned above needs to first prepare materials including a Curriculum Vita, a list of publications, and a research statement, and then send them to Mr. JIN Xian through the email address listed below. The applicant also needs to invite at least three professors to write recommendation letters and send them directly to Mr. JIN Xian.

For more information, please contact Mr. JIN Xian. 

Mr. JIN Xian


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School of Mathematical Sciences,Soochow University,1 Shi-Zi Street,Suzhou 215006, Jiangsu Province, China