School of Marxism

Soochow University is one of the key construction universities in both national "211 Project" and Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive universities. Its history can be traced back to the former Soochow University founded in 1900. The School of Marxism in Soochow University was founded in March 2011 and it developed into a school in April 2015. And in May 2016, Soochow University signed a cooperation agreement with the Academy of Marxism in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to co-build the School of Marxism. The school has six teaching and research departments and six research centers. The six departments are Generality of Marxism Basic Principles; Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics; Essentials of Chinese Modern History; Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis; Current Situation and Policy; Postgraduate Ideological and Political Theory Course. The six research centers include Marxist Political Parties and National Governance; Marxist Ecological Civilization Theory and Green Development; Socialist Consultative Democracy and Grassroots Governance; China's Modern Civil Diplomacy and Peaceful Development; China's Modern Chamber of Commerce and Social Development; Marxist Innovation Theory and Entrepreneurship. These departments and centers are committed to teaching and developing the advanced personnel who will engage in the research and teaching of Marxism doctrine, ideological and political work, party construction and national governance, etc. The school is located in Dushu Lake campus with a beautiful scenery and first-class facilities. The School of Marxism has received the honors as the "key discipline" and "demonstration pilot" among all the Marxism schools in Jiangsu Province. The school also performs as the study and social practice base of the National Ministry of Education for the teaching of ideological and political theory courses, and the research base of Jiangsu Province on the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The major tasks of the school are the teaching of the ideological and political theory courses for all the students in Soochow University, the construction of the Marxism discipline, the postgraduate education, and the scientific research on Marxism theory and social practices.



The school offers doctoral and master's degrees in the following disciplines:

Degree                          Discipline

Doctoral degree       Basic Principles of Marxism   

                                Ideological and Political Education

Master degree        Basic Principles of Marxism  

                                Ideological and Political Education

                               Curriculum and Teaching Theory (belongs to IPE)

Subject Teaching (IPE)

College Address: Suzhou University Dushu Lake Campus , 199 Ren'ai Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215123, P.R. China

Contact: Li Wenjuan

Contact number: 0512 62763547