Wenzheng College

(WZC) was established in 1998 as response to the reform and development of higher education in China. It is the product of Soochow University's educational innovation. Currently, WZC has around 12000 full-time students. Since 1999, more than 19000 practical-oriented talented graduates have contributed to the development of local society and economy.


Wenzheng is the posthumous name of Fan Zhongyan, a famous feudal official of Song Dynasty. Fan believed that the shortage of talented people was the major problem of the country, so education should be developed. He founded the well-known Suzhou Prefectural School. His maxim, "One should be the first to bear hardships and the last to enjoy comforts", has been exerting great influence on people of later ages. Wenzheng College was named after him for the purpose of encouraging students to be the person as described in the maxim.


There are presently 43 undergraduate programs including laws, literature, economics, management, science, engineering, etc. The college is well provided with up-to-date teaching facilities including multifunctional library and lab. It stresses on training students with self-supervising, scientific innovative and social capabilities. Thanks to the full support of Soochow University and the idea of respecting students' individuality development, WZC has made great strides in its mission of achieving a multi-modal educational development with Chinese characteristics.


Advocating international educational ideas, WZC attaches great importance to the collaborations with universities abroad in order to learn and adopt the advanced educational and management concepts and enhance students' awareness of internationalization and creativity. Up to now, it has established and maintained cooperative relationships with over 40 partner-universities in Germany, United States, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. and each year it sends students to the universities of United States, Germany, Japan and Korea for various study programs.


WZC has accumulated experience of education and management and become the first choice for many senior high school students. Currently, the college faculty is work together with the same vision, passion and ethics to develop WZC into a first-class independent college in China.



Name: Wenzheng College of Soochow University (WZC)

Address: No.1188, Wuzhong Avenue, Wuzhong District,

Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province,

P.R.C  215104 

Contact number (Domestic Call): 0512-66555732

              (International Call): +86-512-66509946 

Email: sdwzyb@163.cn

Website: http://www.sdwz.cn/