Gold Mantis School of Architecture

Gold Mantis School of Architecture was originally founded in May of 2005 as School of Urban Science. By the end of 2007, new reforms in post-secondary education encouraged school/ enterprise cooperation and the "Gold Mantis School of Architecture" (still the public school) was established through the joint efforts of Soochow University and Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co. Ltd. The School became a successful example for the innovations in reform and administration in China's post-secondary education. The name of the school is autographed by academician of both the academy of sciences and academy of engineering of China—Wu Liangyong.

Today, the School offers four undergraduate programs respectively in Architecture (includes interior design), Urban Planning, Landscape architecture(includes plant application and design), and historic preservation. The graduate programs include: Landscape Architecture, Architecture. The school also has a doctoral program for Design and Theory of Architecture and Environment.

The school now has about 730 undergraduate students, 150 graduate students and 84 faculty members, among whom 64 are teachers and 45 of them have a PhD degree or PhD candidates, which is 70.3% of the total number; 34 teachers have experience of working abroad or studying abroad, which accounts for 53.1% of the total number; 33 teachers have senior professional titles, which contributes 51.6% to the total.

The focus of the School is to develop a distinctive, international, professional designing school based on science and engineering and with an emphasis on architecture subjects. Also, the reputation of the school is to promote the integration of "production, education and research in a variety of approaches", which will be the goal we will always pursue.

Address: No. 199, Ren Ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province

Contact: Jing Shang, +86-0512-65882651,