School of Art

Possessing a history of 57 years, the School of Art of Soochow University, established in 1960, originated from the Department of Fine Arts of former Suzhou Institute of Silk Textile Technology. After being merged into Soochow University in 1997, the department then became a subordinate college. With the painstaking efforts of several generations, the School of Art has grown into a comprehensive art college with abundant teaching and learning resources, and diversified programs.


Currently, the School of Art is constituted by 7 departments, namely, Department of Art Studies, Department of Dyeing and Weaving Art, Department of Apparel Art, Department of Environmental Art, Department of Visual Communication, Department of Digital Media, and Department of Fine Arts. Meanwhile, it also possesses 7 programs, namely, Product Design, Apparel and Apparel Design (including Fashion Show & Apparel Design), Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Digital Media Art, Fine Arts and Art Designs. Besides, the School also boosts a provincial research base (Jiangsu Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base), two university-level institutes (Art Institute, and Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center), and several cooperation centers co-set by the university and some enterprises. Moreover, three Level I disciplines of the school (design science, fine arts, and art theories) were accredited as postgraduate programs, some even accredited as doctoral programs. At the same time, the School also possesses several post-doctoral research stations and the rights to grant the professional master degree of fine arts (MFA). In 2010, the program of art studies was approved as one of the first batch of disciplines under the construction project of preponderant disciplines in Jiangsu Province. In 2014, the program of design science was approved as one of the second batch of disciplines under the same project. Furthermore, the program of art design was even accredited as one of the innovative experimental areas for the cultivation modes of talents in arts by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, a distinctive program in Jiangsu province, and a key program to be developed in higher institutions of Jiangsu Province during the 12th Five Year Plan. 


Up to now, the school is made up of 119 faculty members, including 88 professional teachers, 4 doctoral supervisors, 42 master supervisors, 21 professors, 31 associate professors, 4 international experts, and 1 Prestigious Teacher of Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, the School of Art also engaged many famous painters and designs at home and abroad for the positions of chair professors, visiting professors and part-time professors. So far, the School accommodates about 2450 doctors, graduates, undergraduates, and adult students.


Sticking to a theory-oriented concept, the school has bettered its academic studies by highlighting their reality, theoretical properties and prescience, and nurtured its distinctive academic atmosphere and styles by laying the roots in the soil of native Chinese culture and art, and focusing on the theoretical frontier of international arts. Consequently, the School leads the research in areas like the history of the patterns of dyeing and weaving, dress culture, the histories of arts, and the inheritance and craftmanship studies of intangible cultural heritage.


By deepening related teaching reforms, the School has developed a teaching system that "values the cultivation of creative thinking, extensive learning, solid foundation, and strong professional adaptability", and has achieved its distinctive characteristics in in teaching and research areas like design of dyeing and weaving patterns, apparel design, fashion show, and histories of designs. Meanwhile, it also ranks at the forefront places among similar colleges and schools in terms of teaching quality, and enjoys a high reputation among all the peer institutions.


Listed in the first group of institutions approved as a state-level experimental area for the cultivation of talents in arts and designs, the resources from the National Model Experiment Center of Textile and Apparel Design, and the Provincial Model Experiment Teaching Center of Art Design, the School of Art promotes its constructions within related teaching experiment bases. Currently, the school maintains many laboratories and studios for ceramics, handicraft printing and dyeing, apparel technology, knitting, environmental art models, engraving, photography and digital motion capture.


With regard to international exchanges, the school maintains a close partnership with many overseas universities and institutes in the U.S., France, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Germany, which not only broadens the horizons and visions of the school, but improves the influence of the school in the international arena and promotes the process of educational internationalization.


Over the past 57 years, the School of Art has cultivated lots of excellent talents in arts and designs, and witnessed the achievements of its graduates at home and abroad. In the annual national evaluations of the "Top Ten Apparel Designers", the designers from the School have been on the list for 12 times, with many earning the praises as the "National Talent in the Design of Dyeing and Weaving Patterns" or the "Master in the Art Design of Dyeing and Weaving". Some famous designers and artists of the school started to stand out conspicuously on the international arena, including Ma Ke, Wu Jianying, Wang Xinyuan, Zhao Weiguo, Qiu Hao, He Ping, Pang Zengmei, Chen Peng and Wei Ran. Meanwhile, some students like Sun Feifei also stated to perform at the stages of international fashion shows. Moreover, the current students of the art school have also participated in and won prizes and honors for many times from various national and international exhibitions and competitions, including National Artworks Exhibitions, international illustration competitions, National Engraving Art Exhibitions, National College Students Art Performance Activities, and National Advertising Art Design Competition.


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