Cultural Activities & Artistic Performances

Introducing Classic Arts to the Campus

By implementing the strategy of 'strengthening campus cultural construction', Soochow university has launched a series of programs to introduce classic arts to the campus with intention of integrating fine arts into the process of university education and leading moral education with their endorsed values and traditions. This strategic movement has helped to build positive and healthy mindsets, values and behaviors for university students. 


The original Cinderella ballet, an exclusive show for Soochow University, was staged at the Suzhou Culture and Arts centre.

The Kunqu opera was performed at the launching ceremony of the course "Bringing Opera to College Students", which is supported by the 11th Jiangsu provincial committee of the CPPCC.

Introducing classic arts to campus -- "The Beginning of Autumn" performed by Shanxi Provincial Theatre at Soochow University.


Zaifeng Huangmei Opera at Soochow University

 Yue Opera at Soochow University  


The public speech given by Liu Xiao Ling Tong, the actor who played "Monkey King" in the 1986 edition of The Journey to the West.



College Students' Art Performances 

Our university has actively participated in the college students' art performances and we have achieved great success in these activities at both national and provincial levels, including 5 first prizes and 4 excellent creation awards at the national college students' art performance, as well as 9 grand prizes and 7 excellent creation awards at Jiangsu college students' art performances. 


Yinlan, Kun Dance, the first prize at the 3rd Undergraduate Art Performance in Jiangsu province

Inspire the East, the first prize dance at the 3rd National College Students' Art Performance

Between the bow, the first prize drama at the 4th National College Students' Art Performance

To Greet tomorrow, the first prize at the 4th National College Students' Art Performance

"Passion Nanniwan", the grand prize at the 5th Undergraduate Art Performance in Jiangsu province 

Recitation group at the 5th Undergraduate Art Performances in Jiangsu province



Art Exchange

In order to provide students with opportunities to deeply appreciate Chinese traditional arts and culture, Soochow University takes advantage of local cultural heritage and works closely with famous opera performers to launch a wide range of art promotion activities. Dongwu art troupes were invited to perform at the Confucius Institutes in different countries, such as the United States and Austria. As a response to the 'One belt and one road' strategy, the university art troupes performed at universities in Laos and Cambodia, and their performances were well-received as a way to promote Chinese traditional culture. 


Cultural exchange performances in the United States

A performance tour in Oregon, USA

The cultural exchange performance in Cambodia 

Garden, performed at Vienna Golden Hall 

Emperor Qin Calling up Troops, Vienna New Town Theatre 


 Cultural exchange performance in the USA—Martial arts


Media Activities

Dongwu Art Troupes were invited three times to participate in the CCTV 'Flower of May' national college students' art festival. The students' art performances, in the form of dancing, singing and ping tan, not only reflect the spirit and artistic achievements of these students, but also promote the socialist core values, which have therefore achieved a positive educational effect and gained widespread media attention and acclaim.


The Bridge Pier, dance performed by Dongwu Art Troupes at CCTV Graduation program.

Dongwu Art Troupes performed Suzhou Ping Tan of "Song of Graduation" on CCTV

Dongwu Art Troupes at CCTV 'Flower of May' program


 The road show of local opera (filmed by CCTV documentary) in 2016

Dongwu Art Troupes at CCTV 'Flower of May'programin 2017 


The grand evening party (gala) 

On the basis of discovering and cultivating artistic talents, the art education centre focuses on the construction of students' art associations and teaching staff to create high quality art activities, which contributes to the promotion of campus culture. It has also built a range of brand activities, such as the welcome party 'where dream starts'.     


Dongwu Art troupes launched the opening ceremony of the 13th "challenge cup" national undergraduate curricular academic science and technology competition.


 Welcome party "where dreams start", Soochow University


Garden, Kunqu performed at the 110 anniversary of Soochow University by Dongwu Art Troupes