Cultural & Artistic Societies

Dongwu Art Troupes, Soochow University

Dongwu Art Troupes are formed with a coalition of outstanding students from different departments at Soochow University who share the same interests and passion for art. This group represents the most artistically talented students on campus. Guided by the principle of ‘promoting culture and achieving students’ well-rounded development’, Dongwu art troupes function as the art ambassadors and communicators of campus life by representing the university to participate in local and international art competitions and cultural exchanges. Meanwhile, in line with the guidance of ‘pursuing professional excellence and integrity’, they are also involved in conducting various kinds of art activities to facilitate the learning and dissemination of refined art and culture. Dongwu Art troupes consist of dance club, drama club, national music orchestra, choir, and recitation groups, with the first three of them honored as provincial student art troupes in 2009 and the remaining two as excellent student art troupes in Jiangsu province in 2017. 


Dance Club



National Music Orchestra




Drama Club 

2017.06.03   东吴艺术团-戏剧小品团参加江苏省第五届大学生艺术展演活动戏剧展演1


Recitation Group

2017.05.31   东吴艺术团-朗诵团参加江苏省第五届大学生艺术展演活动朗诵展演3


Soochow University Symphony Orchestra

Soochow University symphony orchestra, founded in September 2014, consists of undergraduate, postgraduate and international students from the School of Music. It is chaired by Dr. Hekun Wu, the founder of the university’s music school as well as a world renowned cellist and conductor. Four different concert tracks are released from the annual music season, including the ‘New Year concert’ and ‘concerto aria’, which have become a branding concert performance from Soochow university symphony orchestra. Some of the musicians who used to work with the university symphony orchestra included soprano Guang Yang and Xiuying Li, pianist Siheng Song, Shanghai symphony orchestra chief violinist France Guillaume Molko, and cellist Wenbin Geng.


Soochow University Wind Symphony

Since 2014, Soochow University Wind Symphony has grown from its initial flute performance to a complete symphony orchestra featuring flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, and percussion music. Conducted by professor García-Cano, the wind symphony band have played a range of musical programs from Purcell of the Baroque era to the music work of contemporary orchestra.


Soochow University Star Choir 

Members of the Star Choir gather from students studying musical education at  Soochow University's School of Music,  and their performances have so far maintained a very professional level. The choir team has participated in several chorus performances both home and abroad and have been awarded with many honors, which has therefore made it highly praised by students with interest in chorus at Soochow University. Their performance was greatly expected as an annual cultural feast. Currently, it was led by the chorus conductor Changsong Li,  and has achieved progress in performing concerts, with many local and international works in the classic repertoire.