The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University is also called the General Hospital of Nuclear Industry and the Sino-France Friendship Hospital. It was established in December, 1988. It is a comprehensive Grade A, Level III hospital which integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, disease prevention and nuclear emergency treatment. It is has first national nuclear emergency medical rescue technical support center, rescue unit and training base. It also has a national clinical medical postdoctoral research station, aLevel Idiscipline of clinical medicine in doctoral and master's programs, in addition toa national resident physician standardized training base. As the second clinical medical college of Soochow university, it boastsa few internal departments including institute of neuroscience, institute of osteoporosis research and institute of radiation therapy andSuzhou trauma rescue center.  After scale expansion, the hospital has a branch hospital in name of Nuclear Industry General Hospital and Suzhou New DistrictHospital.


The hospital covers an area of about 7.6 thousand square meters, with afloor area of about 17.5 thousand square meters. By the end of 2016, the recruitment of the hospital reached 2566 employees, including 2273 professionals, among whom 411 have senior titles. Besides, 19 experts enjoy Special Allowance of State Council, 28 of the professionals are doctoral supervisors, and 106 are master's advisors.

The hospital owns a good faculty and research strength and is equipped with advanced medical facilities as well as 1,345 sickbeds. In the year 2016, the hospital received more than 1.54 million outpatient and emergency visits and 60087 hospitalized cases. The hospital is featured in radiation injury treatment and minimal invasive techniques. Itsneurosurgical keyhole technologyis plays a leading role nationwide and its general surgery departmentis a training base for endoscopic technology of the Ministry of Health.The radiotherapy department of the hospital is a pioneer incarrying out precision medical treatment formalignant tumors in Jiangsu province. Besides, itsvascular surgery, plastic surgery, and hand & foot surgery fills the gapin the medical industry of Suzhou and theimage diagnostics and pathology is a leading unit at Suzhou Quality Control Center.


Address: 1055 San Xiang Road, 215004, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province