Children's Hospital of Soochow University

Children's Hospital of Soochow University was founded in 1959 and it is affiliated to Jiangsu Provincial Health and Family Planning Committee. It is a top three children's specialized hospital that integrates treatment, teaching, research and prevention.

There are two hospital districts of Children's Hospital of Soochow University, the General Hospital and the Jingde Road District. It covers an area of nearly 78,000 square meters and the construction area is 178,000 square meters. There are more than 1,500 employees in the hospital and 1158 beds. In 2016, there were a total of 1.9 million emergency outpatients of the hospital, nearly 4.5 million discharged patients nearly 12,000 cases of operation.

Now, there are 26 clinical professional departments, 7 medical technology departments, covering all the areas of pediatrics. There are 10 key clinical divisions of Jiangsu Province, 2 key clinical divisions of Suzhou, 1 key discipline of Jiangsu Province (A Class). The hospital owns Pediatric Clinical Research Institute of Suzhou University and 5 key laboratories of Suzhou. In 2017, the hospital has undertaken 20 National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The hospital is the points of doctor's degree of pediatrics, master's degree and master's degree of emergency medicine, and there are 58 graduate advisors, 15 of them are Ph. D. student advisors. In the recent five years, there has been 1 leading medical talents and innovation team of the provincial "Scientific Education and Health Developing Project", 38 specially employed provincial medical experts, key provincial medical personnel, health personnel of Jiangsu Province and so on. As the national hospitalization doctor normalization training base, it assumes the concentrated normalization training of pediatricians within the range of Suzhou.

The hospital adheres to the hospital motto of "erudition, refinement, collaboration, benevolence, gratitude" as well as the servicing principles of "care for children, care for life". It will continue to protect health for children in Suzhou and surrounding areas, and even the whole province.


No.92, Zhongnan Street, Suzhou Industrial park