The Joint Media Interview Regarding the Issue of Ping Fuí»s Fraud

Soochow University News Centre

On June 20, 2013, a joint media interview was held regarding the issue of Ping Fuí»s slanderous memoir against her Alma Mater. Representatives from over 20 newspapers and other media groups (Xin Hua News Agency, China News Agency, Guangming Daily, Xinhua Daily) from all around the country met in the Conference Auditorium on the main campus of Soochow University. Some of Ping Fuí»s teachers and fellow classmates and directors of related departments of the University also attended the interview. Mr. Liu Biao, Director of the Presidentí»s Office presided over the event.

Mr. Chen Jinhua, Director of the Universityí»s News Centre, began with a presentation in which he reported on the latest findings of the Investigation Team. While clarifying the Universityí»s position on the issue, he repudiated some of the most scandalous allegations that Ping Fu made in her book against this University and condemned the author for her ignominious motives. He called on Ping Fu to rethink her perspective, rectify her deceptive behavior and take back her words as soon as possible. He warned that Ping Fu stop her talks and interviews and apologize to all parties (including Soochow University) that her book has already harmed. He also calls on publishers and the media to respect history while adhering to their professional ethics and cover the story more objectively.

During the interview, media representatives asked questions about different aspects of Ping Fuí»s student life at the University over three decades ago. Mr. Chen Jinhua and some of Ping Fuí»s former teachers and fellow classmates gave their answers.

Ping Fu was enrolled as a student in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature in 1978. Currently a naturalized American, she recently published a memoir titled Bend, Not Break: A Life in Two Worlds on December 31, 2012. The book makes numerous references to her experience as a student at Soochow University, and many of them painted a very bleak picture of the University as an institution of higher education. Ping Fuí»s statements have not only caused damage to the reputation of generations of faculty and students in the University but also smeared the name and honour of China as a country. Much to the indignation of many both in and outside the country, the American Library Association has lately issued an invitation for Ping Fu to address its 2013 annual convention on June 29, 2013 and has expressed an intention to help promote the book to its 120,000 public libraries all over the U.S.A.

After the University was notified about the issue, we promptly decided to start an investigation. In the past few weeks, the University archives were re-searched, interviews were made with Ping Fuí»s ex-teachers and fellow classmates. Alumni and friends all over the country were approached for evidences that might help to throw light on the truth behind Ping Fuí»s story-telling. Eventually we got hold of a collection of materials comprising Ping Fuí»s English books, testimony to her unacquired BA degree and other witness accounts and documents that proved her stay at this University. On that basis, the University issued two official statements in Chinese and in English.

The Official Statements released through the University website have so far been greeted with lots of enthusiasm and attention. In the past fortnight or so, people from virtually all walks of life have either called and emailed us to give their firm support for the Universityí»s stand on the issue. Many have offered to help in their own ways to expose the fraud and falsities in Ping Fuí»s statements. Among them are people from the media. It is hoped that this joint media interview will teach the opportunists that the world we live in today may sometimes be bogged down by lies, but it will always have a way of lifting itself towards truth.