Zhaohui Zheng

Mr. Zhaohui Zheng, who got his master degree in Ottawa University and bachelor and master degree in University of Science and Technology of China, is a senior network security expert with over 20 years' experience.

He once worked as a chief software designer in Entrust Technologies, which was a network security department in Nortel Networks and spanned off in 1997 and went public in Nasdaq. He was in charge of the security solutions for internet and designed major products of Entrust, including Entrust WebCA/Entrust Direct/Entrust WebConnectgor/Entrust.net/Entrust TruePass, etc. These products got successfully deployed in the banks and governments and generated millions dollars of revenue.

In year 2000, as a senior manager and chief architect, he was sent to Silicon Valley after the company acquired the enCommerce company. He successfully merged the two companies' products and designed the next generation of privilege management product Entrust GetAccess.

In year 2005, he returned to China and founded his own company Shanghai HighGuard Networks. He designed and developed the products like SSL VPN, PKI/CA. In year 2008, he founded Suzhou HighGuard Networks as a holding company. He was awarded Suzhou Industrial Park Leading Talent/Suzhou Gusu Leading Talent/Jiangsu Leading Talent and Thousand Talent Plan of China in 2009. In year 2016, Suzhou HighGuard Networks went to public in New Third-board Market.