Hai Zhang

Professor Hiromi Nagaumi (Hai Zhang ), National expert of "China Thousand Talents Plan", worldwide expertise in light alloys research, Born in yunnan in 1962, and , got his PhD degree in 1997 from University of Electro-Communication Japan. He was the deputy director of the Japan Light Metal Co., Ltd. casting research and development center, Chier researcher. Chief Engineer of Aluminum Corporation of China (CHINALCO), and Vice-president of CHINALCO Suzhou Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals. Now he is the dean of Institute of High-Performance Metal Structural Materials, Soochow University.

He has focused his research of advanced aluminum alloy's design, new casting technology and development of light weight automobile parts for more 25 years. He originally developed the method of predicting internal porosity of large scale DC casting ingots which is the first successful method globally, originally developed new method to predict hot tearing in casting ingot, proposed new theory of predicting hot tearing and developed a series of high strength alloys. He originally initiated short-flow near-net-shape ingot production and subgrain structure controlling technique, and for the first time in China developed light-weight and ultra-high-strength control arm, which reduced the weight by 40%, and was widely acclaimed by automobile manufacturers. The world's first developed an new type of high-silicon aluminum engine cylinder liner products which with low expansion of high thermal conductivity and high wear resistance. In the field of communication and mobile phone, developed a series of high-strength and high-heat-conducting cast aluminum alloy reach the international advanced level. The thermal conductivity is increased by 90% to 180 W / m.K, which fills the technical gap of our current cast aluminum alloy without high thermal conductivity.

He has published more than 100 scientific research papers in the Acta Materialia, Materialia Science and Engineering A, Materials and Design and other first-class journals, and more than 50 patents, which authorized 31 on aluminum alloy field. He presided over two national key projects, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province and Chinalco major scientific and technological fund projects more than ten items. He also won three times of Japan national technology awards, and 2 domestic provincial and ministerial awards.

Professor Hiromi Nagaumi have been selected National expert of "China Thousand Talents Plan", Jiangsu Province, "double innovation talent" plan in 2010,Yancheng fifth batch of innovative entrepreneurship talent in 2015. He is also the industrial consultants of Shanxi srovince, Luliang city and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Huolin Gore. International Committee Member of ICAA and THERMEC. Expert Commttee Member of China Auto Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.