Eugene Chinn

Dr. Eugene Chinn became the Dean of Soochow University Medical College (SUMC) in March 2017.  Dr. Chinn, a clinician-training scientist, was a medical professor at Brown University School of Medicine (1998-2012) and a research fellow of the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Shanghai (2012-2017).  Dr. Chinn, a native Hangzhou Zhejiang, received his medical training from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University and First Hospital of Peking University Medical School.  He received MS of biochemistry from Utah State University and PhD of environmental medicine from New York University School of Medicine.  He completed his postdoctoral training Yale University Pathology Department before he became an independent PI (assistant and associate professor) at Brown University School of Medicine.  He received the honored degree Gradu Artium Magistri Ad Eundem from the president of Brown University.  

In 2010, he was supported by National Thousand Talent program to establish his lab of signal transduction in stem cells and cancer cells at IHS, CAS Shanghai.  He focuses on the STAT protein signal transduction in immune and cancer cells.  His research defined the role of acetylation in cytokine signal transduction.  His lab invented the antibody array technology (USA patent # 6197599) widely used for drug screening and identification of protein interaction and modifications.  Recently, his lab discovered the LOX as the novel deacetylase family in addition to HDAC and SIRT families.  Dr. Chinn was the editorial board member for JBC and is currently the Editor-in-Chief for Cancer Cell Int.

Dr. Chinn, is a firm believer of the importance of teaching and learning, has maintained a substantial commitment in pathology and biochemistry curricula for medical and postgraduate students since he was working at Brown University.  His pedagogy has been recognized by the dean's awards for excellent teaching at Brown University.