Xuechu Zhen

Dr. Xuechu Zhen is a professor of neuropsycho pharmacology in Department of pharmacology, Soochow University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Suzhou, China. He was formally a professor and principle investigator in Shanghai Institute of Material Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences between 2006-2011. In 2003-2006, he became associate professor in department of Pharmacology and physiology at City University of New York Medical School. He received his MD in University of Geneva, Switzerland in 1996.


Dr. Zhen's lab is focused on neurotransmission and diseases and CNS drug discovery targeted to Schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease and drug abuse.


Research interests:
1. Neurotransmission regulation, especially dopamine and serotonin in physiology and diseases
2. CNS drug discovery, including  Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia, depression, stoke  and drug addiction
3. Microglia in neuropsychiatric disorders He is awarded national outstanding young scientist in 2008.


Dr. Zhen has published more than 130 research papers and review articles in peered-reviewed international journals. He was awarded national outstanding young scientist in 2008. His research is supported by National Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of China.


Representative Publications:

  1. Gu R, Zhang F, Chen G, Han C, Liu J, Ren Z, Zhu Y, Waddington JL, Zheng LT, Zhen X. Clk1 deficiency promotes neuroinflammation and subsequent dopaminergic cell death through regulation of microglial metabolic reprogramming. Brain Behav Immun. 2017 Feb;60:206-219.
  2. Wu J, Zhao R, Guo L, Zhen X. Morphine-induced inhibition of Ca2+ -dependent d-serine release from astrocytes suppresses excitability of GABAergic neurons in the nucleus accumbens. Addict Biol. 2017 Sep;22(5):1289-1303.
  3. Guo L, Chen Y, Zhao R, Wang G, Friedman E, Zhang A, Zhen X. Allosteric modulation of sigma-1 receptors elicits anti-seizure activities. Br J Pharmacol. 2015 Aug;172(16):4052-65.
  4. Ni J, Wang X, Chen S, Liu H, Wang Y, Xu X, Cheng J, Jia J, Zhen X. MicroRNA let-7c-5p protects against cerebral ischemia injury via mechanisms involving the inhibition of microglia activation. Brain Behav Immun. 2015 Oct;49:75-85.
  5. Jin Q, Cheng J, Liu Y, Wu J, Wang X, Wei S, Zhou X, Qin Z, Jia J, Zhen X. Improvement of functional recovery by chronic metformin treatment is associated with enhanced alternative activation of microglia/macrophages and increased angiogenesis and neurogenesis following experimental stroke. Brain Behav Immun. 2014 1591(14)00069-5.\
  6. Zhang Z, Hao CJ, Li CG, Zang DJ, Zhao J, Li XN, Wei AH, Wei ZB, Yang L, He X, Zhen X, Gao X, Speakman JR, Li W. Mutation of SLC35D3 causes metabolic syndrome by impairing dopamine signaling in striatal D1 neurons. PLoS Genet. 2014 Feb 13;10(2):e1004124.
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  1. Sun P, Wang J, Gu W, Cheng W, Jin GZ, Friedman E, Zheng J, Zhen X. PSD-95 regulates D1 dopamine receptor resensitization, but not receptor-mediated Gs-protein activation. Cell Res. 2009 May; 19(5):612-24.