Dongwu Art Troupe concluded its tour in the US

The Dongwu Art Troupe comprised of 18 students from the Soochow University was sent by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) to stage cultural performances in the United States from September 25th to October 9th 2015. The art tour has come to a successful conclusion.

The 1st stop: Seattle, Washington and University of Puget Sound

The 2nd stop: Missoula, Montana and Confucius Institute in Montana

The 3rd stop: Moscow, Idaho and University of Idaho

The 4th stop: Boise, Idaho and University of Northwest Nazarene University

The 5th stop: Eugene, Oregon and University of Oregon

The 6th and 7th stop: Portland, Oregon, West Linn High School, Wilson High School andPortland State University

The 8th and 9th stop: Honolulu, Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College and Christian School

Soochow University is a higher educational institution with rich cultural deposits. Its art education dates back to over 100 years ago. We feel that it is incumbent on us to facilitate culture exchanges in our capacity. The students should be given more opportunities to showcase the soft power of Chinese culture.

Nowadays, there has become a marked trend towards global integration. The Chinese traditional culture can be transmitted to other countries through artistic and cultural activities. This kind of citizen exchanges or "people-to-people diplomacy" will surely make greater contributions to the friendship between China and foreign countries.