The Sixth Film Festival for College Student of Soochow University Takes Place

On the evening of April 18, the Sixth Film Festival for college students of Soochow University and the Soochow University parallel section of the 23rd Beijing Film Festival for college students was held in the Theatre of Dushu Lake.

To better present the youthful, creative and culture energy and grace of contemporary college students, the film festival this time carries a tenet of "Youthful Passion, Academic Taste and Cultural Consciousness" and opens up contest categories such as film poster design, classic film theme song and Soochow University emoji design.They've been trying to broaden the initial intention for holding the festival, so that it would cover the whole process of film-making, better meet the demands of youthful students and further promote the gravity and influences of the film festival.

After the promotion video, the mixed film theme song performance and the opening dance, the guests delivered speeches. Dean of Phoenix Communication College, Chen Long, emphasized the significance for the film festive which is to enlighten through movie thinking and to devote to the creation of film art. While Xiao Han, director of the opening movie Ladders of the Himalayas delivered a message that the future for film industry belongs to the young generation and he hoped that in the future we would see a real documentary in the cinema. Jiang Zuojun, Vice-secretary of the campus party committee and Vice-president of the university, encouraged more college students to enter their own film works for the film festival and to seek mutual development with the festival. At the end of the speech, Jiang and other guests triggered the opening ball to announce the opening for the film festival.

After that all the leaders, guests, teachers and students watched the opening movie-Ladders of the Himalayas. It is the very first 4K high-definition documentary film about the experience of climbing the Himalayas. The film was directed by Xiao Han and Liang Junjian, two notable documentary directors, and the production of the film took four years. Centering on the young climbing guide from Tibet, the film fully documents the whole process of climbing onto the Everest from north mountainside.After the movie, Director Xiao Han and Professor Ni Xiangbao explained the documentary for the audience. Different from other films, values in the documentary film are simple, abundant and multi-elemental. Xiao says, "after seeing this documentary, some would grow a powerful urge to climb Mountain Everest, while some would actually give up on this, and that is exactly what I've been expecting. It is of great significance for this film festival to start with a documentary. A documentary is a mirror for you to introspect, and it is not to give you an answer."

Interaction with the directors, lucky-drawing, and mysterious host have added more vitality to the activity scene. And the students participated actively in the activities such as WeChat on the Wall and Q&A.The opening ceremony ended in a warm, meaningful atmosphere.

Film Festival for college students is not just a happy festival. It lives, and it belongs to the future, to the youth, to the creative ideas and to every member of SoochowUniversity willing to grow together with the film festival.