Sun Yang, A Student of Soochow University, Won the First Chinese Swimming Gold Medal in Rio Olympics

On Aug. 9th of Beijing Time saw the third day of Rio Olympics. Sun Yang, kindly called Da Bai, combated Chad le Clos, a famous athlete from South Africa, and Dyer, a famous athlete from USA to win the champion with an outstanding grade of 1 minute 44.65 seconds in Men's 200-meter Freestyle Swimming. Thus, he became the first player winning gold medal in consecutive two Olympic Games in Chinese men's swimming community. Chinese Delegation also acquired the fifth gold medals of this time's Olympics.

Sun Yang is an athlete of Chinese Men's Swimming Team, an Olympic champion, MVP of two times' World Championship, a world famous swimming athlete and a world record keeper of Men's 1500-meter Freestyle Swimming. Meanwhile, Sun Yang, enter the university in Sep. 2015, is also a 2015-class postgraduate majoring in Physical Education Training in Institute of Physical Education in our university. He used to represent new students to give a speech at the university's opening ceremony and said that he will learn widely from others' strong points and get well-grounded developments in the future, grasp vast knowledge by making use of limited time and strive for achieving own goals and responsibilities.