Schoow Students Higly Awarded in National MBA and E-commerce Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition

From Aug. 28th to 31st, 2016 MBA Special Competition and E-Commerce Special Competition subordinated to Create Youth National Entrepreneurship Competition for University Students were held in Mianyang City of Sichuan Province. Nearly 2,000 persons attended these activities, including Du Huiliang, Director of School Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, relevant leaders, judges, guests and teachers and students participating in these competitions.

Since Create Youth Special Competition started in this year's April, 115 MBA programs and 744 e-commerce programs from more than 200 colleges and universities nationwide entered national quarter-final in which selected programs of our university ranked in the top. Through written review and final defense, students of Soochow University worked hard and awarded excellent performances of one gold medal, two silver medals and one bronze medal, winning honors for the university.