Summarization & Awarding Conference Related To Students of Soochow University Participating In Rio Olympics Was Held In Our University

In the morning of Sep. 8th, summarization & awarding conference related to students of Soochow University participating in Rio Olympics was held in Red Building Conference Center of Tiancizhuang Campus. Several relevant persons attended the conference hosted by Jiang Zuojun, including athletes of Chinese national team returning from Rio named Sun Yang, Wu Jingyu, Wang Zhendong; Yuan Peng, a member of scientific and research expert group of Chinese delegation; President Xiong Sidong; Vice president Jiang Zuojun, also Vice Secretary of Party Committee of the University; Vice President Jiang Xinghong; Professor Wang Jiahong, also an advisor delegate; directors of relevant colleges/departments and over 20 students from Institute of Physical Education.

Jiang Zuojun commended excellent performances of Sun Yang, Wu Jingyu and Wang Zhendong in Rio Olympics and praised the devotion and hard-work Yuan Peng made as a backstage worker who was Deputy Director of Jiangsu Research Institute of Sports Science and responsible for rehabilitation training for athletes participating in Rio Olympics.

Jiang Xinghong read out Awarding Decision of Soochow University Related To Athletes Attending Rio Olympics and awarded President Special Award to Sun Yang, Wu Jingyu and Wang Zhendong.

President Xiong Sidong awarded honor certificates to these three athletes.

Sun Yang, Wu Jingyu and Wang Zhendong interacted with on-the-spot teachers and students and shared their feelings in Rio Olympics. Sun Yang said that it was a supreme honor to represent the university and country to attend international Olympic Games and he bore important responsibility to convey cultural background of Suzhou University and spiritual outlook of modern China to the world. Wu Jingyu said that she intended to set an example by personally taking part and promote Olympic Games and Olympic spirits to students of Soochow University. Wang Zhendong said that he wanted to learn from the other three seniors attending Olympics and perfect himself and strived for adding glories and achievements to Soochow University in later International Universities' Games.

Professor Wang Jiahong praised time-honored sports spirits of Eastern Wu and features and achievements of Institute of Physical Education of Suzhou University. He said that the university has been focusing on functional values of physical education and striving for taking top-grade position in scientific research and talents cultivation and fostered many world famous athletes like Chen Yanqing.

President Xiong Sidong made summary speech. He said that these three athletes showed levels and miens in Olympic Games, reflecting comprehensive quality of students of Soochow University and forceful power of a strong country. He pointed out that for athletes, they pursue for breaking world records and creating own new records; while universities should make innovation by the spirit of breaking and establish regulations and the brand of Soochow University by the spirit of creating; we need to work hard on scientific research and teaching by combing breaking and creating and stimulate innovation and fighting spirit by integrating Olympic Spirits of Higher, Faster and Stronger into education. He hoped that various athletes could apply learned theoretical knowledge to sports training, extend sports career and pursue for becoming a competition master and a master of scientific research. In the end, he wished that athletes can acquire more excellent scores in the future world competitions.