The opening ceremony of the 7th Soochow University Film Festival and the 24th Beijing Student Film Festival, Soochow University

At 6:30pm on 7th April, the 7th Soochow University Student Film Festival was held in the first Projection Hall of Dushuhu Campus Theater.The excellent Chinese film The Missing Sheep was on play as the opening of the festival. This film was a successat the 3rd Sino-American International TV Festival, winning two awards: Best Feature Film and Best original Screenplay. It also won Best New Film Award atGolden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festivals in 2016.

The Producer Han Jian, the executive director Gao Xinsheng and the screenwriter Zhang Yuan all attended the opening ceremony. Deputy Secretary of Soochow University Party CommitteeandVice-President of Soochow UniversityJiang Zuojun,and many important persons were also present in the ceremony.

The ceremony began with promotion video and film clips elaborately made by students from College of Media. The dubbing of an animated film was done by two students: Wu Xuezhangmei and Wu Kehong, and the combined songs dedicatedly performed by "Unnamed" Art Club lifted the atmosphere up to a higher level. Vice-president Jiang made a speech. He hoped that the students could seize the opportunity and try to convert the inspiration and ideas into excellent original films. Mr. Chen mentioned that we should put the combination of devotion and innovative thinking into film creating in order to improve the standard of movie making. Producer Han expressed his expectation of some talented film makers in future.

The story of The Missing Sheeptook placein a rural village in northwest China, where villagers, though not very rich, were content with their lives. One day, shepherd Zhang Yonghong lost four sheep that had been intended to sell overnight. In the process of dealing with the problem, people gradually found the negative part of the reality. Finally, Deputy Secretary Song solved the problem successfully.

Along with the opening ceremony, "Youth and Dream" original micro-film game, "Walking Film-maker" video game and "Chant Dushu Lake" micro-film game, these three activities were embarked on at the same time which provided a platform for students to express their creative ideas and upload their novel creation. Different from the previous years, Film Festival this year extended its targetareas to the whole Dushuhu higher education area and changed its official name to Dushuhu Student Film Festival.