Soochow University Students Achieve High Ranking in the 15th National "Challenge Cup" Competition

On November 18th, the 15th National "Challenge Cup" Competition – a competition of extracurricular scientific works by college students – came to its final stage at Shanghai University. This event was co-held by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, the China association for science and technology, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the All-China Students' Federation and the Shanghai Municipal Government. In this year's competition, the team from Soochow University achieved one First Prize and five Third Prizes in the main section, and one First Prize in the international section specifically focused on topic of "One Belt One Road" as well as a Silver Prize in the competition of accumulated innovation. During the competition, Mr. Rui Guoqiang, the member of the standing committee of CPC Soochow University and the Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, went to Shanghai in person to meet with the participants representing Soochow. Mr. Rui reviewed the reports of the students and teachers, gave them some suggestions, and also encouraged them to do their best to win glory for the university.

The Challenge Cup enrolled more than two million students from over 2000 higher education institutions in China. After institution-level competition, provincial-level competition and the national review, 715 pieces of work by mainland Chinese students and 40 pieces by students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan were presented at Shanghai University for the final competition. Soochow University had six pieces of work presented at the final, which covered five disciplines, namely energy and chemical engineering, life science, information technology, social studies, and economic studies. At the same time, the Challenge Cup this year launched an international competition section focusing specifically on the topic of "One Belt One Road", which was in response to the "Belt and Road Forum for the International Cooperation" held in May. One piece of work by students from Soochow stood out among the 350 works and was selected as one of the final 39 works from domestic students.