The "Romantic Russia" Concert dedicated to Tchaikovsky performed by Soochow University Symphony orchestra closed with great success

The "Romantic Russia" Concert dedicated to Tchaikovsky was performed by Soochow University Symphony Orchestra on Nov 5th in Baoli Grand Theatre, Suzhou. This concert was the forth in a series of performance funded by the "famous city, famous university" program of the Suzhou government. The concert features the masterpieces by renowned Russian composer Tchaikovsky, including the 1st piano concerto in B minor and the 5th symphony in E minor.

As the special guest performer of this concert, the famous Chinese pianist, Mr. Siheng Song played the 1st piano concerto in B minor with Soochow University Symphony Orchestra. Being one of the most successful pianist born in the 1980s, Mr. Song has built up his international reputation not only on the various prizes he received globally, but also on every of his outstanding performance during his career. To play with Mr Song is also quite a challenge and new experience for the members of the orchestra, as the difficulty of the music and the aura of the pianist has put these students in both excitement and pressure.

The Soochow University Symphony Orchestra was funded in September, 2014, and its art director is the famous cellist, conductor, and funder of the school of music of the university, Dr. Hekun Wu. Under the guide of teachers and artist in the school, the orchestra gives performance 4 times every year, among which the new year concert and the special performance of concerto and aria have become its signature performance. Apart from students and staff within the university, the orchestra also delivered high quality performances to all Suzhou citizens, after supported by the strategic project of "famous city, famous university" of the Suzhou government, and has increased its reputation in neighboring areas and cities as well.

The final two concerts of the orchestra in 2017, which are the special concert of wind instruments and the 2018 new year concert, respectively, will meet the public on Nov. 26th 2017 and Dec. 25th 2017.