Dongwu Art Troupes Invited to CCTV for Performance Recording for Second Time

The Dongwu Art Troupes of Soochow University was invited for a performance recording at CCTV for the program of "Win at theMuseum". Fifteen student actresses delivered a group dance, showing the most of the elegance of ladies in Jiangnan. Among the actresses, some had performed four times at CCTV and some had just joined the team. They received much guidance from the teachers and coaches, and also spent much of the spare time preparing for the performance, which was highly appreciated by the CCTV program staff.

"Win at the Museum" is an innovative quiz show launched by CCTV with a focus on big museums. It is enlisted as a key program by CCTV for the implementation of President Xi's direction that culturalor historical relics should be used for spreading traditional culture. This program is designed with the purpose of helping the youth to establish adequate historical views and understand the history and culture; it is also aimed at promoting innovative learning styles and exploring new educational modes.Therefore, "Win at the Museum", which is to be showed on TV in the beginning of 2018, is considered as a branding program of much value, significance, and inspiration.