Farewell to the Graduates: “Graduation Bowl” Football Game Kicked off

On the afternoon of May 27th, the sports field in the east part of Tiancizhuang Campus of Soochow University witnessed a special football game named “Graduation Bowl”. As the second school football match, the Graduation Bowl has attracted hundreds of teachers and students, brought the university greater happiness, and manifested the competitive spiritsof these young graduates.


Among the audiences are Mr. Liu Biao, the vice president of Soochow University and a member of the school Party committee, and the leaders from the Publicity Department of the Party committee, the Department of Student Affairs, the school Youth League committee, and relevant colleges, schools and departments. With the running commentary provided by Zhang Yaoyang, a student from Wenzheng College, the very game was hosted by Wang Guoxiang, the president of the School of Physical Education.


The game started after the warm-up performances of cheerleaders. Vice President Liu Biao and Professor Wang Guoxiang decided the ends and kicked off. There in the field, the well-armed attackers and defenders of two teams, wearing helmets and shoulder pads, cooperated with their teammates with concerted efforts and endeavored to fulfill the goal of touchdown by running with the ball, colliding the defenders or covering their teammates. As the ball rolled up and down, the players lightened up the passion of the audience with their excellent performances. At the end of the game, the Dongwu Ranger of Soochow University defeated the Blue Daemon of XJTLU with a score of 7:0.


Coached by Mr. Liu Weidong, a teacher of the School of Physical Education, the Dongwu Ranger Football Team of Soochow University, has attracted plenty of students from many schools, colleges, and departments, including the School of Physical Education, Dongwu Business School, Kenneth Wang School of Law, and Wengzheng College during the past two years since its establishment. Currently, the very team has developed into the Top Four Team in China University American Football League (CUAFL).


Ever since its development, the school team aims to promote the development of sports culture and display the charm of sports culture to fellow school mates via publicizing the spirits emphasized in the culture, including bravery, wisdom and cooperation. By holding the Graduation Bowl Football Game in the graduation season, the university hopes that more teachers and students could understand and enjoy football games. With more and more students joining in the team, the university intends to build an excellent football team, and promote the development of the football game for university students in Jiangsu and surrounding areas with the team as its core.