The Concert of Beethoven’s “Wayward Soul” Performed by Symphony Orchestra of Soochow University

On the evening of November 13th, the Suzhou Poly Theatre, which can seat more than one thousand audience, was totally full as the concert of Beethoven’s Works themed “Wayward Soul” designed by Symphony Orchestra of Soochow University was grandly performed.

The theme of the concert was “Wayward Soul”, featuring Beethoven’s three classics: Coriolanus Overture, Piano Concert No.5 in E flat Major “Emperor” and Symphony No.7 in A major. Beethoven was deeply influenced by the French Revolution at the time, and his works were filled with the atmosphere of “freedom, equality, and fraternity”. Beethoven’s life was characterized by indomitable struggle against destiny and inequalities in human societyjust as his famous saying goes, “taking fate by the throat”. Three works performed in this concert were the true portrayal of his life spirit.

For the performance, all members of symphony orchestra of Soochow University were elaborate from theme setting of the concert to selection of composition catalogues, from selection, production, and revision of musical scores to arrangement and coordination of the rehearsal schedule, and from previous mobilization and dissemination to perfectly repeated polish of composition catalogues by bandsmen. The symphony orchestra strived to do the best in things whether important or trivial.

Founded in 2014, Symphony Orchestra of Soochow University was the first university-owned professional symphony orchestra in Jiangsu Province. At present, the orchestra has begun to take shape, whose comprehensive strength is among the leading symphony orchestras of domestic college students. The members are all composed of students of School of Music, many of whom are skilled and professional. They are often invited by professional groups such as Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House, and Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra to participate in performances. Symphony Orchestra of Soochow University, Chorus Orchestra of Soochow University, and Wind Ensemble of Soochow University are three college student orchestras that are constructed by School of Music. Through construction of three major orchestras and effective combination of classroom teaching with orchestra practice by ways such as concerts, School of Music has provided important measures for cultivating first-class musical performance talents.