Students from School of Communication Performed Excellently Again in the “2018 OneShow China Youth Creative Competition”

From November 9th to 16th, the China Youth Creative Competition was held in Shanghai 1933 Old Venue. After two seasons of professional creative review and offline selection of propositional brand representatives, five hundred players were shortlisted in total, including fifteen students from five teams from School of Communication of Soochow University.


In the final innovation camp from November 9th to 16th, Jingdong JOY, Chevrolet and Yili announced their creation propositions. All the shortlisted students, under the leadership of sixteen international creative instructors, completed the whole process including final proposition, creative concept, works photography and production in less than a week. Through fierce competition of the final innovation camp, fifteen students from School of Communication were shortlisted in the final proposal contest, and accepted theon-site evaluation of international judging and brand customer representatives.


In the final proposal contest, JOY PLAY, the works of the team including LvYixiao, Su Yue, Tian Liping, and Wang Haoyan from School of Communication, won gold award proposed by Jingdong JOY. Fli-Fli, flip your Life, the works of the team including Lu Zhaoxue, Jiang Fan, Zhang Yue, and Wang Xintian from School of Communication, won the client’s pick proposed by Yili, which was also exclusive in the awards ceremony.


As one of components of creative competitions of international students launched by The One Club for Creativity in the world, the OneShow China Youth Creative Awardsis greatly influential in the advertising creativity circle of China. In recent years, students from School of Communication of Soochow University have consistently achieved good results in this competition, demonstrating their professionalism and innovative spirit.


The School of Communication has always been committed to strengthening cultivation of practical and innovative capabilities of students, promoting teaching and learning through competitions, and encouraging and supporting students to participate in various types of competitions and exchanges to improve quality of personnel training of undergraduates constantly.