“The Open Class of Faith ”and 2021 Original Drama “Ding Xiang ? Ding Xiang” Launching Ceremony was Held

On the afternoon of March 24, “The Open Class of Faith ”and 2021 Original Drama “Ding Xiang ? Ding Xiang” Launching Ceremony was held in the academic hall of the main campus in Soochow University. Several university leaders and prestigious performers attended the event, including Deputy Secretary Deng Min, Chief Director Hao Guang, Dean Wu Lei from Art Education Center, and Head Screenwriter Wang Yuming. The event was presided over by Secretary of the  University Youth League Committee Yu Qianchi.


The drama “Ding Xiang ? Ding Xiang” was adapted from the true story of Ding Xiang, a heroic alumna of Soochow University. It selected five different typical scenes from 1927 to 1987. During her study in Soochow University, on account of the common revolutionary ideal, Dingxiang and her friend Yue Yuhong went on the revolutionary road together, joined the Communist Party of China, and got married. Shortly after her wedding, Dingxiang was arrested for betrayal by traitors in a secret revolutionary activity, and was secretly shot in Yuhuatai in Nanjing. This play reproduced the legendary story among Ding Xiang, Yue Yuhong and Shi Zhongman, showed their deep love, firm belief and ideal feelings, and revealed the far-reaching influence of Dingxiang’ s sacrifice spirit for ideal and belief on Yue Yuhong and others.



In her speech, Deng min fully affirmed the importance of rehearsing the drama “Ding Xiang ? Ding Xiang”. She pointed out that we should take the rehearsal of the drama as an opportunity to allow more young people of Soochow University to get educated and enhance capabilities, continue to grasp the ideological and political guidance, tell the story of Soochow University, inherit the spirit of Ding Xiang, practice the motto spirit of “Unto a Full Grown Man” of Soochow University, and cultivate the new generation of people with devotion to family and country and responsibility for the nation.