1st Social Organization and Social Governance Summit held at Suzhou

On 24th and 25th March, the 1st Social Organization and Social Governance Summit was held at Suzhou. The summit was launched by Soochow University and co-organized by School of Political and Public Management, the Collaborative Innovation Center of Jiangsu Institutional Urbanization and Social Governance and Institute of Social Organization and Social Governance of Soochow University.



Around 100 participants attended the summit, including such key figures as Sun Weilin, Deputy Director of China Association for Non-profit Organization, Gao Xiaoping, Vice President of Chinese Public Administration Society, and Jiang Yong, Secretary-in-General of CPC Soochow University. Besides, experts and scholars from Boston University, Chengchi University of Taiwan, Ulsan University of Korea, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities at home and abroad also attended the summit, together with journalists from Guangming Daily, Chinese Social Sciences Weekly and Chinese Social Organization Journal, as well as experts, scholars and graduate student representatives of Soochow University.



On the morning of 25th, the opening ceremony of the forum was held and Chen Jinhua, Dean of the School of Politics and Public Administration host the ceremony. Jiang Yong, on behalf of all teachers and students of Soochow University, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the participating guests and experts. He briefly introduced the history and status quo of Soochow University, especially the achievements made during recent years in terms of talent cultivation, scientific research and social services. He hoped that the guests, experts and scholars present would freely express their opinions and that while outputting high-level academic achievements, they are also expected to offer valuable suggestions on the research of social organization and social governance and the development of the Institute of Social Organization and Social Governance of Soochow University.



Mu Xiaoyong, Director of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Soochow University, read the announcement of the establishment of the Institute of Social Organization and Social Governance and Sun Weilin and Jiang Yong unveiled the new institute.



The forum consists of six themes, namely International Cooperation and Development among Social Organizations, Community Governance and Social Organizations, Public Participation and Social Organizations, Public-Benefit Charity and Social Organizations, Social Policy and Social Organizations, as well as Talk Exchanges between Young Scholars. All participating experts and scholars have shared their research achievements on relevant subjects and then conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.



Wang Ming, Dean of the Institute of Public-Benefit Charity of Tsinghua University, made a concluding speech at the closing meeting of the Forum. He encouraged young scholars and students to pay attention to the front-line issues and cutting-edge technology, take roots in basic units and organizations, turn academic researches into academic products as much as possible, have an international horizon, and construct high-level teams around a certain research field so as to conduct continuous researches.