Emergent edge flow of active rotor mixtures

SpeakerProfessor Fangfu Ye, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science

TimeNovember 27th, 14:30p.m.

Location: Room 245 Building of Physics and Technology


Emergent collective phenomena is one of the most fascinating and intricate features in active matter. Here, we explore the collective behaviors of an active rotor mixture in confinement. The mixture consists of two components of rods with different spinning velocities. We find the emergence of an edge flow parallel to the boundary for each component. Strikingly, the emergent flows exhibit a significant oscillation and even change direction upon varying the distance to the boundary. Furthermore, the two emergent flows behave independently rather than compete against each other, although their constituent rotors interact strongly. Based on the interplay between the rod-rod interactions, spin, confinement and system compressibility, we then propose a microscopic mechanism to explain the simulation results.