The current situation and trend of government supervision on cosmetics in the new trade environment

Speaker: CHEN  JUN

Laboratory deputy-director,Testing Center of  SUZHOU CIQ

Time: 6:30 PM, May31th (Thursday)

Location: 301#1115, Dushu Lake Campus

Speaker Biography:


Ph.D | 2014 | Nanjing university

·Major: Environmental Chemistry

·Mino: Environmental Toxicology

Professional activities

·Team leader of working group for ISO project (ISO/TC 91);

·Registered experts (ISO/TC217);

·Member of SAC/TC257/SC2 、SAC/TC375;


Technical ability


·Evaluation of cosmetic efficacy, standards requirements and regulation conformity assessment;

·Study on integrated cosmetic toxication testing technology and in vitro substitution test methods;

·Transformation and traceability evaluation for key hazards under multiple exposure conditions.


·Presided over the completion of four provincial and ministerial projects and 6 municipal projects, participated 1 ministerial-level projects, obtained 10 Chinese patent authorization, 1 US patent authorization,and 2 Software copyright,published 40 academic papers.

·Developing 1 SN standard for testing criteria of  DEA.

·Currently 3 research projects understudied,as well as 3 ISO standards and 1 national standard.

Working Experience

SR Researcher | TBT RESEARCH CENTEROF SUZHOU CIQ | 2015.8-2018.1

·Appraisal on regulatory toxicology and analytical methods; Testing methods validation and standard suitability assessment for cosmetics and health products; Cosmetics regulatory compliance and chemical risk control under WTO/TBT measures and REACH regulatory frame.

Laboratory Director | tESTING CENTER OF SUZHOU CIQ | 2008.1-2015.8

·Percutaneous absorption and transdermal evaluation of cosmetics; evaluation of skin adaptability based on the analysis of surface micro-flora; research on biocompatibility of skin-care products and disposable hygienic products, and evaluation methods of hazard safety evaluation.

SR Engineer | TESTING CENTER OF SUZHOU CIQ | 2003.1-2008.1

·Chemical safe supervision and hazard exposure assessment, FMCG / Industrial chemicals risk assessment and chemical hazard screening.