Phantom experiments in space

Speaker: Prof. Guenther Reitz

Time: Tuesday, 2018.06.12, am 10:00 - 11:30

Location: Third floor conference room, 401, Dushu Lake Campus



Prof. Guenther Reitz was appointed as the head of the Radiation Biology Department of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine of DLR in 2004. Since his retirement in July 2015, he is working as consultant of the Department. He is since this time Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator and Project Manager in numerous spaceflight experiments investigating the radiation environment and its biological effects using US and Russian spacecraft, and the International Space Station. He is also the Co-Investigator of the Radiation Assessment Detector (MSL-RAD) providing the first time radiation measurements on the Martian surface. Prof. Reitz is generally recognized as world leader in the field of radiation dosimetry and published over 200 papers. He is acting Chairman of COSPAR Commission F and Chairman of the Workshop of Radiation Monitoring on the ISS and member of several other groups and panels. His main research areas are: dosimetry of the radiation field in space and in air flight altitudes; development of new radiation measurement devices; radiobiological effects of heavy ions in spaceflight experiments and ground based accelerator experiments; impact of microgravity environment on radiation response in space and radiation protection measures for astronauts and civil air crews.