Epigenetic regulation of bone regeneration under

Speaker: Prof. Jie Shen

Title: Epigenetic regulation of bone regeneration under inflammatory disease

Time: 9:00 AM, August. 17th

Location: Conference Room 307, BLDG 1-3FThe south campus.

Biography of speaker:

Dr. Shen obtained his Ph.D degree at University of Rochester in 2012. He is a cartilage biologist with specialization in osteoarthritis and fracture repair. Dr. Shen is currently an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Animal Models of Joint Injury & Disease Core in the Department of Orthopeadic Surgery at Washington University. Dr. Shen has led and participated in several NIH-funded grants as Principal Investigator and co-investigator. He is the reviewer for many high impact journals and an active member of several musculoskeletal societies, including American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR), Orthopeadic Research Society (ORS) and Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI). He also serves as the committee member in ORS and OARSI.

The current interests of Dr. Shen,s laboratory span aspects of bone and cartilage research, and are mainly focused on injury, repair and regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues with the goal to understand the progenitor cell population, signals, and the role of inflammation on tissue injury and regeneration at the cellular and molecular level. One of his major focuses is to utilize in vivo approaches (e.g., conditional Cre/LoxP mutant transgenic mouse models, murine surgical models of bone fracture) and to couple these with in vitro primary cell culture and next-generation sequencing methodology to understand the contribution of epigenetic regulators to the skeletal fracture repair and bone regeneration under inflammatory conditions.